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Complaints about letting agents on the rise

6th June 2018

As letting agents in Cambridge, a city with a very active rental market, we were shocked to read the latest statistics issued by The Property Ombudsman (TPO) in May.

Worryingly, they reported that formal complaints against letting agents in the UK totalled 2,212 in 2017, an 11% increase over the previous year, with TPO making financial awards to wronged consumers in 2,408 cases at a cost of an eye-watering £1.36m. The average award was £625 and covered areas such as management issues, communication and record keeping, tenancy agreements, inventories and deposits, as well as in-house complaint procedures. Top of the complaints league table were Greater London (23%), the South East (20%) and the North West (11%).

As Andrew Ward, owner of Award Property Management Ltd, points out, while the figures are alarming, it is encouraging to know that The Property Ombudsman is acting in the interests of tenants. ‘Since we launched Award, we’ve been keenly focused on both sides of the landlord-tenant relationship,’ comments Andrew. ‘Of course we exist to ensure that our landlord clients receive the very best service and the maximum return from their rental portfolio. That’s fundamental to our continued success.

‘But by the same token, we’re always acting in the best interests of the tenants, as they are also central to our business. Our philosophy is that if we have happy landlords and happy tenants, then everyone wins. And for us it’s a really positive sign that The Property Ombudsman is taking action to resolve complaints that arise as that in turn can only help to weed out rogue letting agents across the country.’

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