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Tenant Checklist - Dos & Don'ts Quick Guide

The vast majority of individuals understand the basic requirements of a tenancy and do not need reminding of their responsibilities. For those of you who may not have rented before or would simply like clarification, the tenant checklist below is to advise on some of the most basic points to be considered when renting a property, in order to avoid potential breaches of contract, avoidable claims towards your security deposit or even more serious legal consequences. The list, though not exhaustive, is for your benefit and guidance.

Please Do Please Don’t
Set up a standing order for your monthly rental payments Smoke in the property
Call us immediately if you have any plumbing or electrical faults with your rental property Keep pets / animals in the property without prior permission
Keep us informed of any changes in circumstance, including contact details Erect any satellite receiving dish, television or other aerial on the exterior of the premises without prior consent
Respect the whole property as if you owned it, for example, remove shoes indoors to prevent unnecessary wear of carpets Decorate the property without prior consent
Set up accounts and pay all charges in respect of water, gas, oil, electricity and council tax consumed on the premises Remove items belonging to the property
Maintain the exterior of the property to a good standard including cutting of lawns and weeding Carry out any profession, trade or business on or from the premises
  Sub-let, share or take in lodgers at the property
  Cut additional keys for the property without prior permission 
  Leave waste / recycling bins at the front of the property
  Do anything to cause damage or excessive wear to the property or its contents
  Consider leaving, or give notice to leave the property without first understanding your contractual obligations: we recommend that you contact us to clarify your tenancy