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Tenant Maintenance - Taking Care of Your Home

Tenant Maintenance – As a Tenant there are a few simple things that you can do to look after your property on a day to day basis. Note only will this help to keep the property in good condition it will also make it easier to prepare the property for handing back at the end of your tenancy.


Whilst it is not for us to tell you how to live, it is wise to keep on top of general cleaning as this will prevent excessive wear and tear and will also mean that the required preparation at the end of the tenancy will be easier and less stressful. If you are staying at the property for an extended period it is worth considering having carpets and appliances (ovens/hobs etc.) cleaned periodically to keep them in good condition. Some of the most common issues arising at the end of tenancies relate to limescale that has been allowed to build up on taps and fittings and grease build up on kitchen appliances such as cookers and extractor hoods.

If you require cleaning services, please ask us and we can recommend suppliers who can help.


It is a Tenant’s responsibility to keep gardens and property exteriors tidy. This means that you should cut any lawns regularly during the growing season, keep any borders weed free and make sure weeds and moss is cleared from paths, driveways and patios regularly to prevent build up. Shrubs and bushes should be kept under control where this can reasonably be done. Any substantial work should be referred to us for assistance and advice.


Although a Landlord has general repairing obligations, a Tenant must take responsibility for replacement of items that can reasonably be expected to need so during the tenancy. This includes items such as light bulbs, oven and appliance bulbs, kitchen extractor filters (if they are of a replaceable type), fuses etc. If unsure as to whether you should be dealing with particular items or need assistance to deal with things, then please ask and we can advise.


When you move in to your home we will advise you of the arrangements for refuse/recycling collection services. Please make sure refuse/recycling bins are put out each week and leave them out at the end of your tenancy for collection. Do not allow rubbish to accumulate on the property as we may need to take action to remove this if it becomes a problem, at your cost.