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Tenant Guide

Moving home can be stressful for anyone and when you are planning to rent a home there are all sorts of pressures to deal with. This tenant guide is intended to provide some assistance by offering some information to help understand some of the things to consider.


Most people will have an idea of the location, type and size of property they wish to rent and may have a budget in mind. With this information a Letting Agent can help to match your requirements to local property that is available to let.

By choosing and using Award Property Management Ltd you are choosing an agent that is licenced through the National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS), you are therefore assured of dealing with an organisation that meets stringent quality standards. We carry the SAFAGENT mark as this is your assurance that your money is safeguarded through membership of a Client Money Protection Scheme and that we have signed up to a redress scheme should things not go to plan. We are a member of the TDS Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme which regulates how we take, hold and deal with any tenancy deposit we ask you to place with us, details can be found on our Tenant Resources page.

At Award Property Management Ltd we aim to provide the very highest levels of service and tenant support, not just in helping you find the right home but making sure your tenancy runs smoothly.


People choose a home for various reasons however it helps to have a clear idea of your requirements in mind before talking to or registering us. Things to think through before contacting us are:

  • Where do you need to be located?
  • What size and type of home are you seeking?
  • Who is the property for (.e.g. family, couple, individual, sharers, company etc.)
  • What is your realistic budget for rent (taking into account other running costs)?
  • Are there any additional requirements, do you have pets for instance?
  • When do you wish to move?
  • What is your employment status and income level?

It is important to be honest with these questions as we would not wish to waste your time with property that might not be suitable for your needs.

Once you are ready to find a new home, then register with us and keep a check on the available property by looking at our website and Rightmove regularly. Things do change and property can be reserved quickly o it pays to keep checking.


Once you have identified the property or properties that you wish to view, then talk to us about arranging to go along and have look. We will always accompany you on a property visit and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the home or the local area. Please bear in mind that some properties may still be occupied and we cannot usually offer viewings the same day for these homes. It is also better to try and ensure everyone in the party can be present at the viewing as we cannot always provide second viewing opportunities. Please be aware that we will ask some questions about your circumstances during the viewing, we do not wish to offend this is just to try and make sure that your wishes and the landlord’s requirements can be matched.


Having decided to reserve a property, it is important to deal with things as promptly as possible. Our Terms and Conditions and Tenant charges can be found on our Tenants T&Cs page and before reserving a property you should ensure you have read and understand these.

Once you have reserved a property, it is important to complete and submit your applications quickly along with other supporting information (such as ID, proof of address etc.) as this will help us to process things and confirm our decision to you as soon as possible. Please advise your current landlord and employer that they will be asked for references and seek their assistance in turning these round promptly so that the process isn’t held up.

We always confirm our decision to you as quickly as we can and will keep you informed of progress with your application if things become delayed for any reason.

When we confirm acceptance for you tenancy, please be ready to pay your Tenancy Deposit etc. within the timescale given as we cannot hold a property indefinitely for you.


We will prepare and issue the Tenancy Agreement for your tenancy prior to your move in, this will need to be signed and returned to us before we can hand over the keys, you will also need to have paid the first month’s rent prior to your move in. We will also need confirmation that you have set up Tenants Insurance for  the term of your tenancy providing accidental cover for landlords’ contents, you should provide us with a copy of the insurance certificate as soon as you receive it.

When you move in to your new home we will meet you to show you the important things, like where to find the water stopcock and heating controls etc. We will also take meter readings and arrange for utility accounts to be opened in your name(s). Our tenant information pack includes:

  • The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST)
  • Any specific Addenda to the AST covering such matters as Pets / Decoration / Provision of Satellite Dishes etc.
  • Full Property Inventory and Condition Schedule
  • Confirmation of Utility Suppliers and meter readings
  • Information about looking after the property e.g. preventing condensation
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme information and certification
  • Bank Standing Order form for ongoing rent payment
  • Any specific property details – e.g. appliance manuals
  • Contact details for ongoing support and emergency assistance
  • Feedback form relating to their experience of using Award Property Management Ltd

You should take time to get to know your new home, if you have questions please do ask us as we are keen to help you throughout your tenancy. Please check your property inventory thoroughly and sign and return it to us as this forms our joint record of the property and its condition at the point you take over the keys.

If you have any problems or notice any faults with the property, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can record them and get things sorted out for you. During your tenancy please keep your property clean and if you notice any faults or problems let us know about them promptly, for emergencies that occur outside of our opening times, we will provide you with our out of office hours contact details.

Please do not make any changes to the property or repaint rooms, walls etc. without first asking for permission. Landlords will often agree to tenant requests, but often do not take kindly to changes being made without their knowledge.


Please make sure that you give notice that complies with the conditions of your Tenancy Agreement (if you are unsure, please ask us). We will provide guidance on the process for preparing and handing back the property and will deal promptly with the end of tenancy process. Please follow any guidance given with respect to repairs or cleaning ready for handing back as this will help us deal more quickly with your deposit and will ensure we can return your deposit in full. Our Guide for property return will help you understand what needs to be carried out prior to giving back the keys.